American Reductionist: Enemy of The Union

The most frustrating thing about American politics is the lack of effective translation between the two main parties.

Most humans want the same thing. Most humans want it at the expense of people they don’t have to think about, which is a problem. At this point, the culture war has become a pissing contest — rather than effective communication of the importance of each party’s respective values.

I’ve now traveled on both sides of the road. This year was crazy enough to nearly red-pill me (some people might maintain the idea that I went to the dark side; relax, I merely integrated my conservative shadow). I still walk between worlds, which I consider the best route to take.

I have had enough of this culture war.

It’s less of a war, and more of a fallacy of reductionism on both sides to the most extreme cases and negative expressions of the vMEMES* that influence both camps.

Let’s examine these influences in more detail.

The American left, for the most part, consists of individuals who are mid-to-late stage green* in their thought structures, which means they value equality, compassion, and protecting the most vulnerable and disenfranchised individuals in the world. A healthy manifestation of green stage energy is passionate about taking greater steps toward sustainable living, charitable giving (especially of a self-sacrificing nature), and a sense of duty towards our communities.

It is the first global-centric vMEME in the spiral of consciousness development, which is why many of the memes before it appear selfish and cruel in their eyes.

Greenstagers at least understand that things on earth need to change asap, and they almost have the answer–but they don’t realize that having an understanding of the oneness of all beings doesn’t mean we know how to unite all beings, let alone what that union would look like.

With the dismissal of the healthy distinctions between the individual and the collective (and even biological distinctions such as sex differences) and without the understanding of the fundamental concept of the holon*, greenstagers become dangerously enmeshed collectivists that seek to destroy the unique individualism that they allegedly cherish, regressing into the totalitarianism of the more authoritarian blue* for the sake of ‘the common good.’

Unhealthy green stage individuals also have a tendency towards nihilism due to their dismissal of hierarchies, polarities, and individual freedoms. Excessive relativism makes the american left extremely ineffective, unless it regresses to power-hungry red* stage dominance (as we have seen this year with the ‘fiery but peaceful’ protests across america) and submission tactics.

What the right has a tendency to do is reduce the concerns of the left–which are valid concerns–to the infantile behaviour of stage-regressed leftists acting out of frustration and anger. This is a mistake, as when you dismiss the intention and focus only on the actions, it creates far more division and makes it even harder to achieve the most widely beneficial outcome.

The American right tends towards a more blue* thinking structure. This means, for the most part, they do not want change. In blue stage, things are ‘just the way they are,’ and that is the way they should be, because some external authority (usually an expression of the father archetype, the most recent case being Donald Trump), said so.

The blue structure sees reality through a dichotomy of right and wrong, whereas green sees ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as oppressive constructs (though oppression is seen as ‘wrong;’ the paradoxical nature of green-stage beliefs is one of the main reasons why bluestagers have such resistance to their views–they may as well be speaking glossolalia.)

The extremists on the right have, for some time now, been absorbed by the QAnon conspiracy–which is a theory I doubt I need to explain–and, given their tendency towards pre-rational thinking, it is not surprising; This is the meme that gave us organized religion, so at this stage folks are predisposed to believing in an external authority that controls everything from behind the scenes.

Now, this does not mean that the American government isn’t capable of conspiracies–in fact, many ‘government conspiracies’ have turned out to be factual. I simply wish to illustrate the following points:

a) Many of the conservative extremists who support Trump on the basis of QAnon do so blindly, and

b) I believe the thought-structures at their level of development are the reason for this blind faith.

Not only this, but the blue stage seeks to preserve traditional values and sees any disruption to these values as a direct threat to the existence of human kind–just like greenstagers see blue structures as psychologically harmful, restrictive, and environmentally destructive.

It is incredibly soothing to the deeply repressed existential dread of an unhealthy bluestager to believe that there is some sort of ‘plan’ that they do not have to think about–only trust.

The left tends to focus it’s compassion solely on those whom it can see as the most victimized (not very non-hierarchical, is it?) and since the blue stage extremists on the right are often white people, it is terribly tempting for the leftists to give these folks third place in the oppression olympics.

Never mind that these white people are often as poor and as disenfranchised as your average victim-of-color.

The primary difference between these two extreme camps is not what they want (to stop being oppressed by ‘the man’), but whom they blame–which is literally anyone but themselves and their own limited thought-structures. Both tend to confuse the left-side quadrants of epistemology* for the absolute truth (which is equally as annoying as scientific reductionism…but that is an article for another time.)

Bluestagers need to confront the nihilism behind their fear of letting go of tradition. Oftentimes when I speak to an American conservative, the underlying belief is that these structures are what give life meaning. This is partially true–but what would it mean if that meaning was constructed rather than innate?

Does that somehow make our experience less valid? Does it make it less real? What if nobody behind the scenes is in control?

What if life is chaos?

Greenstagers, on the other hand, need to confront their fear of being trapped by structures and labels. Pathological green had a deep fear of being outcast. This fear is very valid, given the history humans have had of oppressing, subjugating, and restricting each other.

But does aligning with a structure mean you are forever beholden to it? Does a social construct really determine the incredible unfolding experience of reality that is you? And does getting rid of a structure that has been a fundamental part of human development and progress actually help anyone?

What if, from the chaos of life, emerges a natural order?

Perhaps these camps could use a little bit more of each other on the journey towards a more integral understanding of how to solve the world’s problems. The truth is, the answers to our problems don’t lie within either of these thought-structures.

The change that greenstagers desperately desire–the same change that bluestagers viscerally fear, yet cannot avoid–comes from an understanding of the complex and emergent nature of reality. It comes from an understanding that all value structures have something to offer humanity, and none must be discarded; we change the world for the better when we allow ourselves access to all of them. each one provides something that the others do not.

Think of the memes as the fellowship of the ring, and of reality as a layer cake.

Each member of the fellowship of the ring provided a talent, gift, or speciality that provided value to the whole. The organism of the fellowship was made stronger because of it, and would not have been the same without it.

What makes a layer cake great is it’s many delicious layers. Some of us can only taste a layer or two at the moment, but I really think we should try and increase the sensitivity of our taste buds.



Note that this critique is not comprehensive. The world is a complex organism. I know plenty of conservatives that are at other stages of consciousness and plenty of leftists that are too. These are just a few of the vMEMEs of influence that I have noticed within my own limited scope of vision.

an explorer and explosion.